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Physical Therapy Care
At Liberty Sports and Physical Therapy we are committed to your successful return to functional mobility. Our compassionate staff are uniquely qualified to provide hands-on care for individualized patient outcomes.

Since 2003, Liberty Sports and Physical Therapy has helped thousands of people return to work, sports and daily activities by providing quality care, exercise programs, patient education, and self-care management techniques.

Whether you are a competitive athlete, weekend warrior, injured worker or suffering from the effects of age we have the expertise to guide you along your road to recovery.


• A precise and professional head to toe evaluation of your condition or injury.
• A detailed explanation of your condition and what we will do to treat it.
• Hands-on treatment by a Licensed Physical Therapist/PT Assistant during each treatment session.
• A plan of action based on objective findings from evaluation.
• A thorough discussion of what you need to do to help yourself, including home exercises and advice on lifestyle changes.
• Us to value your time, so we stick to a tight schedule to accommodate your needs.
• A fun, trusting, comfortable and empathetic environment.
Mark Rau, MSPT, ATC
Physical Therapist

As a competitve endurance athlete, Mark specializes in running, cycling, and sport-related injuries.

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